The physical therapy team at MOST prides itself with providing the highest quality of care for each patient. Our main goal is to rehabilitate each person by first providing them with an individualized program that will maximize their function prior to injury. Secondly, we will train them to compete at the next level with sport specific training programs focused on their needs. The staff emphasizes the utmost professional growth through continuing education seminars, higher-level specialization certifications, and studying cutting-edge research. We are a team of active professionals that stresses a healthy lifestyle and understands the problems associated with being physically active

At MOST, a patient can expect to receive an evaluation to diagnose a specific injury pattern with an analysis of body mechanics, muscle imbalances, postural assessment, strength, and range of motion. A patient will be given a home exercise program to begin immediately to address the problem, and the physical therapist will provide an elaborate program in the clinic to meet the needs of each individual.
We treat a wide variety of patients ranging from weekend warriors, professional athletes, individuals injured at work, and those with common injuries. Our goal is to allow each patient to return to their prior level of function as soon as they are medically able. Furthermore, we go beyond rehabilitation and educate patients on proper injury prevention techniques and functional sport specific training to eliminate the possibility for future injuries. We are constantly striving to provide a safe environment with outstanding patient care that focuses on the specific needs of each patient.


Melissa Koehn
Physical Therapist
Education: Master of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Central Florida
Melissa, a South Floridian, went to the University of Central Florida in Orlando where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, with minor's degrees in Health Services Administration and History, in 2003. She then continued at UCF to earn her Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 2006. Upon graduation, she began her career in South Carolina, working in orthopedics, sports medicine, and pediatrics. She moved to the D.C. area in 2011 and has been a member of the M.O.S.T. team ever since.

Melissa is a Certified Clinical Instructor through the APTA, and has also worked closely with the Federation of State Boards of PT in creating the board exams for future physical therapists. She has authored several articles educating the general public on common ailments seen in PT. On several occasions, Melissa has participated in medical mission trips to Kingston, Jamaica, to provide physical therapy for handicapped orphans and training for their caregivers.
Vincent Griffith
Physical Therapist
Education:Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Howard University
Vincent Griffith graduated from Howard University. He received his Bachelors of Science in 2000 followed by his Masters in Physical Therapy in 2002 from the Allied Health and Sciences department. His work experience includes working at Community Medical Rehabilitation Center, an outpatient facility, in Baltimore, Maryland. Vincent’s most recent experience was at Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC, where he worked in both the acute and sub-acute departments. In addition, for the past four years, he was an outpatient physical therapist in the same institution. Therefore, he has experience treating patients at all stages of the episode of care. Vincent has worked on a part-time basis at MOST for over seven years. He brings a vast experience dealing with orthopaedic injuries and rehabilitation. Vincent is a Certified Clinical Instructor and plans to obtain his Orthopedic Certified Specialist designation, complete his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and acquire his certification in Jones Strain Counterstrain manual technique.
Ashwini Sansare
Physical Therapist
Education: University of Pittsburgh
Certification: Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Mulligan Practitioner
Ashwini completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Mumbai, India in 2011. She began her career in Mumbai where she gained experience treating a variety of orthopedic conditions including injuries in professional cricket players. She has also worked as a PT at the only physical therapy Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai where she trained patients with lung diseases to improve their function and activity tolerance. She then came to USA to pursue her Master’s in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy from University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation in 2013, she worked with the Physical Therapy Dept at the University of Pittsburgh as a Teaching and Research Assistant where she assisted professors with physical therapy lectures, practical lab sessions and research on patients with Knee Osteoarthritis. She moved to the DC area in Feb 2014 and has been a part of MOST since then. She is certified by the American Physical Therapy Association, as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.
Joshua Kenes
Physical Therapy Assistant
Education: Howard Community College
Josh started his physical therapy career as a junior in high school. After suffering a shoulder injury, he spent months in rehab and fell in love with physical therapy. As a junior and senior in high school Josh started an internship where he spent hours observing physical therapy. During this time he earned his certification in personal training through NASM. Josh later earned his Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Howard Community College in 2014. Josh has a strong passion for athletes returning to sports and also enjoys manual therapy for backs and spine. He possess various specialties in personal training that include TRX suspension trainer, TRX rip trainer, Trigger point therapy, Dynamax ball training, Functional Movement Systems, and Kettle bell training. Josh enjoys incorporating these functional exercises into his therapy here at MOST.
Andrea Hochard
Physical Therapy Assistant
Education: Mount Aloysius College
Andrea, a Western Pennsylvania native, earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University in 2011. She then utilized her knowledge and skills as an Exercise Physiologist for Somerset Hospital from 2011 through 2013. The skill sets that made her able to develop at Somerset include post rehabilitation, post cardiac rehabilitation, as well as strength and conditioning. In 2013, she returned to school and earned her Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Mount Aloysius College in 2015. She then returned to Somerset Hospital to advance her expertise in both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. This opportunity allowed Andrea to provide rehabilitative services to multiple populations including orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, sports, and neurological conditions. Andrea is committed to providing the utmost patient care while working here at M.O.S.T.
Andrea Diaz
Physical Therapy Assistant
Education: Montgomery College
Andrea, a Prince George's County native, received her A.A.S or Associate's of Applied Sciences as a Physical Therapy Assistant in May of 2016 from Montgomery College. She first came to MOST as a patient for an injury she sustained in High School but then fell in love with the rehab process. From there she decided to study Kinesiology at UMD-College Park, and upon graduating, she became a Rehab Tech at Shady Grove Hospital. At the hospital, she studied closely with Occupational and Physical Therapists, where she peaked her interest in becoming a PTA. She then earned her PTA Degree from MC in 2016 and joined us as an employee in September 2016. With her fluent, dual language speaking in English and Spanish, she is an integral part of our Physical Therapy team.
Meische Cox
Certified Athletic Trainer, ATC
Education: Frostburg State University
Doctorate Physical Therapist, DPT
Education: Youngstown State University
Meische’s passion and career path began in rehab after several devastating knee injuries. Over her high school and collegiate years, she has spent years in physical therapy where she witnessed the impact a strong rehab team can have on a patient. She returned to competition after each injury and ultimately was able to compete as a four year varsity collegiate athlete at Frostburg State University.
She completed her Bachelor’s in Athletic training at Frostburg State University where she worked with college level athletes from various sporting backgrounds. Here she evaluated and implemented appropriate, individualize rehab protocols. She continued to work as a Certified Athletic Trainer while pursuing her graduate degree. She worked for Lowellville High School in Lowellville, OH where she was the first Athletic Trainer employed by the school. She then implemented and developed their athletic training program and was responsible for all student-athletes. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Youngstown State. As part of her Physical Therapy residency, she worked in various settings to include ICU in-patient, pediatrics and out-patient. She began her post-graduate career at Pivot Physical Therapy where she worked with a multitude of post-surgical, orthopedic, and mobility impairments. She specialized as the Concussion Specialist at her clinic where she evaluated, diagnosed and provided appropriate treatment plans for concussions. She was denoted as one of the physical therapist with a strong background in sports based injury and rehabilitation, taking on the majority of the athletic case load. “Athlete’s need to return to their best: the highest level of competition whether it be the collegiate level, high school, weekend warriors, chasing their kids around, work, or an active overall lifestyle.” Meische’s goal in the rehab of her patient’s is to take every “athlete” and return them to their life’s passion.

Meet our Physical Therapy Aides

  • Jason Lee
    Tyler Toggas
    Xavier Williams
    Selena Silver
    Ravin Chun
  • Alice Kong
    Maxwell Maloney
    Brien Armstrong

Post Rehab Program:

The Physical Therapy department at MOST also offers a comprehensive Post Rehab/Sports-Performance Program. The program coaches patients beyond initial therapy rehabilitation, with the goal of transitioning the athlete back into competition, or providing extra support to returning patients to the activities they love. For serious athletes, the post rehab program is a more “aggressive” style therapy in which modalities such as sports-specific exercises, speed work, and plyometrics are developed and honed.

Our therapists and trainers are experts in analyzing the individual athlete’s needs, and developing a plan for each individual patient for return to competition. Our ultimate goal is not only to get the have the athlete back in the game at pre-injury levels, but also reduce the likelihood for further injury and promote injury prevention. MOST’s trainers strive to help the athlete gain the confidence that he or she needs in order to return to play.


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