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We take pride in promoting a patient-centered approach. Our goal is to help patients avoid unnecessary and invasive spinal procedures. The vast majority of our patients get better with our specialized spinal rehabilitation programs that have been refined with our Sports Medicine specialists. For those patients that require additional treatments, we offer the least invasive spinal treatments in the DC Metropolitan region. We help patients restore their function and avoid treatments that just mask the problem.


Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy (MOST) has been serving the DC metropolitan region for over 20 years. The practice’s new headquarters are in a state of the art facility in Potomac, Maryland that combines several disciplines: physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, regenerative medicine – conveniently all in one location.

With every new patient, our focus is to help them get an accurate diagnosis. Our specialists will carefully review each patient’s history, Xrays/MRIs, past treatments, and help create a custom spinal treatment plan. We focus on comprehensive evaluations and patient education.


During a patient’s appointment, we will help create a plan that incorporates the latest spinal treatments based on a patient’s diagnosis. During follow up visits we will monitor the progress and decide if further treatments are necessary. We are successful in helping the majority of our patients avoid invasive and unnecessary procedures.





We offer the least invasive surgical options available in the DC metropolitan region: Endoscopic Spine Surgery, CT Guided/Navigated Spine Fusions, and Artificial Disc Replacement.


Dr. Usman Zahir is a leading expert on endoscopic spine surgery, one of the latest breakthroughs in minimally invasive spinal surgery. As an instructor for the procedure, Dr. Zahir continues to teach surgeons from around the world. With endoscopics, lumbar spinal surgery is performed through an endoscope, a device that is similar to what orthopaedic surgeons have used in shoulder, hips, and knees for many years. Instead of making a large surgical incision that cuts through muscles, the surgeon can now perform the entire operation using the endoscope. This approach allows for an incision that is smaller than 1 centimeter. Endoscopics is less invasive than surgeries performed with a microscope. The end results with endoscopic spine surgery: minimal scarring, no visible skin stitches, no dressings or band-aids, and patients can go home the same day.

Dr. Zahir was the first surgeon to introduce the latest endoscopic devices and treatments for the management of lumbar disc herniations and spinal stenosis in Virginia in 2017. The focus of our surgical treatment plans is to choose non-fusion approaches to treat problems related to the lumbar spine. Dr. Zahir will carefully evaluate each patient to decide the best procedure. To learn more about endoscopic spine surgery, please visit:


In the case where a fusion or a more extensive operation is required, we utilize the least invasive surgical methods available. The use of CT Navigation and robotics allows the surgeon to minimize damage to muscles as part of the operation. Dr. Zahir uses CT Navigation and computer guidance to help place spinal hardware in a precise fashion. Smaller incisions will result in less blood loss and less pain after surgery.


For anyone with neck pain suffering from a disc herniation that has not improved with conservative treatments, a cervical disc replacement is an alternative to a neck fusion. This surgical procedure replaces a damaged disc with an artificial disc that helps preserve the normal motion in the neck. By preserving the neck’s normal motion, there is less stress to other parts of the spine.


There are special cases where an endoscopic approach may not be appropriate for a specific spinal condition. In these cases, Dr. Zahir will carefully review alternative spinal surgical options with the patient.



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