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Physical Therapy


*For all Physical Therapy appointments, please call our office at 301-588-7888

The physical therapy team at MOST prides itself on providing the highest quality of care for each patient. Our main goal is to rehabilitate each person by first providing them with an individualized program that will maximize their function prior to their injury. Secondly, we will train them to compete at the next level with sport specific training programs focused on their needs. The staff emphasizes the utmost professional growth through continuing education seminars, higher-level specialization certifications, and studying cutting-edge research. We are a team of active professionals that stresses a healthy lifestyle and understands the problems associated with being physically active.

At MOST, a patient can expect to receive an evaluation to diagnose a specific injury pattern with an analysis of body mechanics, muscle imbalances, postural assessment, strength, and range of motion. A patient will be given a home exercise program to begin immediately to address the problem, and the physical therapist will provide an elaborate program in the clinic to meet the needs of each individual.

Who We Treat

We treat a wide variety of patients ranging from weekend warriors, professional athletes, individuals injured at work, and those with common injuries. Our goal is to allow each patient to return to their prior level of function as soon as they are medically able. Furthermore, we go beyond rehabilitation and educate patients on proper injury prevention techniques and functional sport specific training to eliminate the possibility of future injuries. We are constantly striving to provide a safe environment with outstanding patient care that focuses on the specific needs of each patient.