Concussion Management Program

MOST is now proud to offer the ImPACT Test to our local and regional athletes and organizations. Our staff of doctors and certified athletic trainers have been administering ImPACT baseline testing as well as post-injury consultations for over five years and recently earned the title of Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC). MOST is the only Credentialed ImPACT Consultant sports medicine clinic in the Washington Metropolitan area.

ITAT ImageAbout ImPACT

ImPACT is currently the most widely utilized computerized concussion management program in the world and has been implemented effectively for high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. A large number of sports teams and organizations, including the Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, and Washington Capitals, use ImPACT for concussion assessment. M.O.S.T. implements and manages ImPACT for the Washington Freedom of the Women’s Professional Soccer League

ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test. It is a sophisticated software program developed to help sports-medicine clinicians evaluate recovery following a concussion. ImPACT is a computer test that evaluates multiple aspects of neuro-cognitive functioning including memory, brain processing speed, reaction time, and post- concussive symptoms.

ImPACT passport-sealBaseline Test:

The baseline test is a pre-injury measurement of an athletes’ cognitive function (should be taken before your season starts). Should an athlete sustain a concussion, post-injury tests can be compared to baseline data and provide valuable information that aids in the return-to-sport decision. Baseline tests are recommended for any athlete ages 11 and up, especially for those who participate in contact sports.
Post-Concussion Test:

If a concussion occurs, a post-concussion test would be administered 48 to 72 hours after the injury (it is important that you report your injury to us within this time), and interpreted by a medical physician and/or a certified athletic trainer. These results are then compared to the baseline data to assist in determining the degree of recovery. Additional post-injury tests may be required until complete recovery has occurred.

APOE Genetic Testing:6a00d8341bf67c53ef0167675a12ee970b-800wi

MOST is the first center in the DC Metro region to offer this very important test. APOE is a protein that is coded for by a gene (DNA sequence) that comes in four genotypes. The APPE 4 genotype has been shown in increasing numbers of scientific publications to be associated with multiple concussions, slower return of function after a concussion and, most alarmingly, chromic neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

By performing a simple genetic test from a saliva sample in the office and then analyzed at our certified national laboratory, our specialists can help inform and advise athletes and parents on associated probabilities and about critical return to play issues. In effect, by mitigating certain risks, we can change the outcome of what the genetic direction might suggest.

Please contact us for cost information. Teams of 10 + members will be eligible for a discount.

At MOST we are aware of the increased importance of the proper management of mild traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, our medical team will put all of its knowledge to work to ensure that you go through all the steps needed for a 100% safe return to play after a head injury is suspected!

* Both the baseline and post-concussion tests are internet-based and should be taken in our offices for proper supervision. The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

* All patients must complete and bring a “Consent For ImPACT Testing and Release Of Information” form to their appointment

For more information or to make an appointment please email or call Thomas Bennett, ATC/LAT – Director of Concussion Management Program @ or 301-588-7888 x211

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