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Understanding the Benefits of the ROSA® Surgical Robot

Robot-assisted surgery isn’t new; medical engineers make advancements in technology all the time. So, with over 754,000 Americans having knee replacement surgery every year, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this common orthopedic surgery relies on the ROSA® surgical robot. 

The experienced physicians at M.O.S.T. Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy in Potomac, Maryland, use the ROSA Knee System for partial and total knee replacement surgeries at Holy Cross Hospital Germantown.

If you have chronic knee pain due to arthritis or an old injury, you might be an excellent candidate for a ROSA knee replacement. Let’s explore the benefits. 

What is ROSA?

Let’s begin with the basics. ROSA (or Robotic Surgical Assistant) is a surgical robot designed by the experts at Zimmer Biomet.

Its advanced technology manages the planning and measurement needed for an ideal patient outcome. It’s 3D capability allows for precise bone resection and alignment during surgery.

ROSA measures bone and tissue tension in your knee, continuously monitoring them throughout the procedure to ensure increased accuracy and a faster and more efficient surgery. 

How is a ROSA knee replacement different?

ROSA is the next step in robot-assisted surgery. 

In orthopedics, previous robotic surgery systems also involved planning and measuring for an ideal outcome during joint replacement surgeries. However, much of the actual procedure was performed by hand. You relied on a surgeon who’d “know it when they saw it.”

With ROSA, you’re still under the care of an experienced surgeon. But instead of relying solely on their experience, ROSA provides minute-by-minute data about your knee that increases the accuracy of your knee replacement, leaving as much healthy bone intact as possible. 

What are the benefits of ROSA surgery?

The ROSA knee system offers many patient benefits. For example, you won’t need additional pre-operative X-rays, CT scans, or other tests. 

ROSA is also highly adaptable and can address the specific needs of each individual patient, including complex surgery or knee replacement revisions. 

And because incisions can be smaller and less invasive, your recovery time is quicker.

Is ROSA knee replacement right for you?

Knee replacement isn’t usually a first-line approach to address knee pain. Signs that you might need knee surgery include:

The team at M.O.S.T. Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy provides comprehensive exams and testing to determine if knee surgery, robotic or not, is right for you. 

If your orthopedic surgeon thinks you’re a good candidate for the ROSA Knee System, they discuss your options, answer your questions, and support you in making the best decision for your health and well-being.

Call M.O.S.T. Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy today or make an appointment online to learn more about the ROSA surgical robot and if it’s the best option for your knee replacement.

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