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The Robot's Time has Come

Use of robotic and computerized tools to enhance the preparation and performance of surgical procedures is not a new phenomenon, and it have taken many forms. In orthopedics, a lot of the technology has been focused on planning, measuring, and aligning the ideal outcome of the surgery, but much of the actual procedure was still done with hand measuring tools, and ultimately relied on an experienced surgeon who could “know it when he sees it”.



Unlike other Robotic platforms, the Rosa System does not require you to get additional pre operative tests or X-rays. It does not require a CT scan for pre operative planning, and is adaptable to many different situations, such as knees performed without use of bone cement, and revision or complex surgery. At Holy Cross Hospital in Germantown, we couple the latest robotic techniques with a comprehensive, proven approach to joint replacement that takes into account your individual needs and preferences. This is couple with the latest techniques in anesthesia, pain management, and rehabilitation. For more information about the ROSA knee replacement pathway, please go to


Douglas Murphy MD Orthopedic Surgeon with extensive experience in joint reconstruction and trauma surgery

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