Testimony from a patient

"About two years ago, I told myself I would not get up on my roof again to clean the gutters. Fast forward to early to early May 2020 I had the ladder out to clean the leaves in the gutter over my garage, which is approx 12 feet up. Five minutes later, as I was getting down and transferring my weight from the roof to the ladder, I felt the feet of the ladder begin to fall away. It all happened so fast and before I knew it, I was lying on the driveway with the side of my head bleeding and my wife frantically attempting to get a response out of me. The ambulance was called and I was off to the hospital for a severe head injury. The test results showed a concussion, but due to COVID-19, I was rushed out without much information or instructions for next steps. 

After posting the ordeal on social media, Rachel reached out to assist and my experience with her was awesome. She began by telling me her story about why she chose to pursue concussion managment and helping others which was very powerful. This was followed by her qualifications and work experience and I knew I was in great hands. The advice I was given was crucial to my recovery. She educated me on brain health, head trauma recovery, diet, and a veriety of lifestyle changeds that helped in my recovery. 

I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone who suffers any sort of head injury. She is a great listener, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping others."


-Jon Smith (last name hidden for patient privacy) 

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