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About Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy

*For all Physical Therapy appointments, please call our office at 301-588-7888


If you’ve found our site, then you must be looking for something different.  Maybe you’ve been to a traditional physical therapy clinic with limited space, minimal time with your physical therapist, outdated equipment, and generic cookie-cutter exercises that provide minimal results. We realize these shortcomings, and that is why we offer a superior alternative.

Maybe you’re an elite athlete, an energetic grandparent, or a successful businessperson who won’t let pain impede your active lifestyle. We can relate. At Metro Orthopedics and Sports Therapy, you’ll find a highly educated and empowering staff who will exceed your expectations. We utilize advanced technology to facilitate faster resolution of your symptoms. We are the difference you’re looking for. We can eliminate your pain and help you achieve your goals.


During each session, you can expect to receive an evaluation to diagnose a specific injury pattern with an analysis of body mechanics, muscle imbalances, postural assessment, strength, and range of motion. A variety of hands-on therapies, functional exercises, and use of progressive medical devices will be incorporated into a personalized treatment program tailored to your unique needs.


Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Gilbert did the surgery, (very kind and gentle manner) and his Physical Therapy specialists worked with me to restore movement... they are the best."

    Arlene M.
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    "I was seen by Dr. Gilbert, who was very friendly and he really knew what he was doing, you could tell he had been doing this for a long time."

    Amin A.
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    "Over the years, I have met with many doctors and their staff over the past five years, this office was one of the best and would give them 5 stars."

    Eric L.
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    "The physicians, along with the surgical coordinators and physical therapist... and I highly recommend them to anyone. Go with MOST!"

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    "Excellent staff and doctors. Everyone is really friend, and nice. Doctors are very knowledgeable and thorough with their explanation."

    Van N.
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    "Great office! Clean environment friendly staff. My number one place to go for all of my orthopedic needs. Great doctors on staff with tons of knowledge about ortho."

    Videsi H.
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    " The front desk staff was friendly and the doctors are very informative. Great patient communication!!! Definitely recommend this office."

    Tori T.
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    "I hope not to need surgery again, but there is not doubt that if I did... MOST is at the top of my recommendation list for anyone having Orthopedic needs."

    David D.
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    "The wait time is short, staff are nice, my doctor is great, he made feel really comfortable going to surgery after trying to take care of the problem."

    Nes K.
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    "I had an awesome experience at MOST great friendly staff. Clean environment and most of all they made me feel like a human and not just another patient."

    Tori S.
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    "I had an awesome experience at MOST great friendly staff. Clean environment and most of all they made me feel like a human and not just another patient."

    Tori S.


Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy
7811 Montrose Road, Suite 340
Potomac, MD 20854
Phone: 301-588-7888
Fax: (301) 588-3419

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